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Monday, 27 June 2022 15:39
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Socialist path - The choice following the evolutionary law of history

NGUYEN TRONG PHUC                                

Abstract: In his journey to find a way for national salvation, leader Nguyen Ai Quoc - Ho Chi Minh fully grasped Marxism - Leninism theory and found the right revolutionary path, the socialist path. This is the right and consistent choice of President Ho Chi Minh and our Party. During the course of leading the revolution, the Party has steadfastly adhered to Marxism - Leninism and applied it creatively under Vietnamese realities, thanks to which the Vietnamese revolution has won significant victories in the cause of national liberation and construction, especially the achievements of historical significance in more than 35 years of renovation. From the national renewal reality, the Party’s perception of socialism and the path towards socialism in Vietnam has been gradually clarified in terms of the goals and model of socialism. This is also vividly and profoundly depicted in the book compiled by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

Keywords: Party building, Party rectification; General Secretary; politics; thought; organization, morality, staff.

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