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Friday, 21 February 2014 10:02
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International conference: “The press in globalization process: Opportunities and prospects”

HANOI - October 29, 2013: The international conference ““The press in globalization process: Opportunities and prospects” hosted in the Academy of Journalism and Communication - AJC in association with Austria’s University of Vienna, Vietnam Press Association, Nhan Dan (People) Daily, and Quang Ninh provincial television.

In the greeting speech, Prof., Dr. Ta Ngoc Tan gave compliments to the AJC’s efforts in cooperation with other organizations to organize the Conference. In the trend of globalization, the press and media have great impact on social life, on national interest and every individual. A communication society with various modern transferring methods has been creating many new opportunities, accompanying with challenges that threaten the development of the press and media of each country. The Conference is a valuable chance for domestic and international scientists and journalists to exchange experiences and research, in contribution to promote the development of Vietnamese press in particular and the global press in general.  

During the Conference (From October 29 to November 1, 2013), there are eight discussion sessions: The press in the globalization; Similarities in press operation in Austria and Vietnam; On press training and professional development: A new perspective on professional capability; Public Relations: The Press and Diplomacy; The press’s changes: Current challenges to future society; Investigation press - Journalist’s responsibility and professional ethics; Changes in research model for press, society and communication; and Global communication and responsibility of local press.


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