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Thursday, 26 December 2019 10:45
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Important contribution of party external relations on the country’s diplomatic front

(LLCT) - Implementing independent, autonomy, multilateral, diversified external relations guidelines, taking initiative and being active in integrating internationally, expanding and bringing external relations into depth, over the years, the Communist Party of Vietnam’s external relations have followed closely the spirit of the 12th Party Congress Resolution with the viewpoint of innovative thinking, autonomy and activeness, and continue maintaining their role as the major external relations force in the country’s comprehensive diplomacy, contributing to the promotion of bilateral relations and building an important political foundation for Vietnam’s integration process.

The world political and security position in recent years has seen unprecedented and complex changes with many uncertainties. The emergence of extreme nationalism, imposed power, violation of sovereignty, territorial and resources disputes, ethnic, religious conflicts, terrorism, subversive intervention, localized wars, cyberwars, etc. are getting more severe. Major countries are adjusting their strategies in which they both cooperate, compromise and compete, control each other; the multi-polar, multi-center trends are accelerating, forces gathering is having complications; multilateral institutions are facing new challenges; many new forms of partnership and cooperation have appeared. Global issues including financial and monetary security, energy, water, food, environment, ecology, climate change, natural disasters, epidemics, cyber security, etc. are getting more complicated. The world economy is recovering slowly, facing many difficulties and uncertainties, and the need for equal and sustainable development is becoming more urgent. Countries are prioritizing their national interests, implementing practical policies, adjusting development strategies and restructuring the economy; competition in economics, trade, technology, high quality human resources, etc. is getting fiercer. Hot spots in areas from the Middle East, Africa to Asia-Pacific are having more complications, of which the most dominant factor is the adjustment in strategies and policies of major countries and the comprehensive strategic competition among powerful countries, especially the one between the U.S. and China. The Asia-Pacific region continues affirming its role as a driving force for the world economy. ASEAN is respected by all countries inside and outside the region; however, this is also where many contradictions are encountered and where there is intersection in fundamental interests and comprehensive strategic competitions among major countries. The changes inside and outside the region are forcing all countries to adjust to the new situation.

Importance of the party external relations to the expansion and deepening of Vietnam’s relations with other countries

In the context of complicated worldwide and regional situation, Vietnam continues promoting the synergy of three main channels in external relations: state diplomacy, party external relations, and people external relations. Vietnam’s diplomacy is comprehensive and constitutes power, which is an outstanding feature, a unique style, and an important factor contributing to the success of Vietnam’s external relations.

The party external relations establish political foundation, support state relations and people’s exchanges, and promote areas of cooperation with many partners. Together with state diplomacy and people external relations, the party external relations are one of the important constituent parts of Vietnam’s external relations. The party external relations establish political foundation by strengthening relations, exchanges and cooperation between the Communist Party of Vietnam and political parties in other countries, creating favorable conditions for promoting relations between Vietnam and other countries. Especially for countries with similar political regimes, the party external relations play an important role in directing bilateral relations and they are a special channel contributing to the effective handling of arising issues in relations and to the increased understanding and trust.

Strengthening the party external relations as a pillar of the country’s comprehensive external relations policy has been clearly reflected in the 2011 Platform, whereby “synchronous and comprehensive handling of external affairs...” is one of the key missions of external relations. Party Congress Resolutions, especially the 12th Party Congress Resolution (January 2016) with the aim of “improving the efficiency of external affairs, being proactive in international integration”, also require the party external relations, state diplomacy and people external relations to expand, deepen and increase in efficiency.

Great contribution of the party external relations over time

Following the guidelines and orientations in external relations, over the years, as a ruling communist party, the Party’s work of external relations has been actively and proactively executed with focus and has achieved many important results, breakthrough contents, thereby contributing positively to the overall success of the comprehensive diplomacy, enhancing Vietnam’s position and prestige in the international arena.

First, through various forms and measures of implementation, the party external relations are increasingly expanded and developed. Currently, the Communist Party of Vietnam has relations with 245 political parties in 111 countries around the world, including 96 communist parties, 63 ruling parties and 28 parties joining the ruling and political coalition. Various forms of cooperation from high-level meetings, exchange of missions, theoretical seminars, policy dialogues, political consultations, exchange of practical experiences, staff training, signing cooperation agreements with parties, to the “hotline” mechanism, the special envoy of the General Secretary, etc.have had positive effects on strengthening and deepening the Party’s relations, building a solid foundation for promoting state relations and people-to-people exchanges. The Party’s cooperation mechanism plays a significantly important role in strengthening political trust, building a solid foundation for the relationship between Vietnam and Laos, China, Cambodia, Cuba and North Korea in various fields, especially strategic ones. Currently, the Communist Party of Vietnam has also established and expanded relations with many ruling, political and opposition parties in many important partner countries, especially countries in ASEAN, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Brazil, etc. Over the years, the proactive promotion of relations with ruling parties, political parties, or parties that have an important role in the establishment and implementation of policies in countries has brought about positive impacts, promoting the implementation of cooperation frameworks between Vietnam and partner countries, and facilitating the international integration process of the country. Maintaining a close and regular relationship with many communist parties as well as workers with important roles and positions in countries and regions has also brought about positive impacts, creating more opportunities to strengthen cooperation and an important support force for Vietnam’s increasingly deep and comprehensive international integration process.

Second, the expansion and enhancement of the party external relations has facilitated the expansion and tightening of bilateral relations between Vietnam and many partner countries. The expansion and consolidation of relations with the ruling and political parties have helped increase political trust and facilitate bilateral relations so that they will develop essentially, flexibly and have the ability to adapt to changes in the countries’ political arena, creating favorable opportunities for relations between Vietnam and partners.

Third, together with the expansion in object, the contents of the party external relations are more diverse, including activities to develop party relations, state relations, participate in resolving international, regional and global issues associated with security and development, promote the shaping of regional and international governance mechanisms that are democratic, progressive and fair. The expansion in content, scope, operational channel has increased efficiency in handling issues related to security and development of Vietnam through relations with ruling parties or parties participating in governments in other countries, creating more favorable conditions for the establishment of cooperative relations in many specific fields.

Fourth, the organization of external affairs with quality and efficiency of high-ranking Party leaders has made an important contribution to deepening relations with partner countries, facilitating the proactive implementation of external relations policy, opening up more cooperation opportunities for the country. The General Secretary’s foreign visits have strategically achieved many important results, especially upgrading and establishing many new frameworks of relations between Vietnam and other countries, creating intertwined benefits in relations with major countries, etc. The Politburo members and Secretaries of the Party Central Committee have also conducted many Party external affairs domestically and internationally, contributing positively to strengthening Vietnam’s relations with political parties and countries around the world.It can be said that high-level visits have further strengthened and created many new developments in the relations between Vietnam and other countries, between the Communist Party of Vietnam and other parties, increased political knowledge and trust, promoted essential areas of cooperation, contributed to the proper resolution of remaining issues in state relations. Decisions to upgrade and deepen the relationships established in the high-level visits have started a new comprehensive and efficient development phase between Vietnam and many important partners.

Fifth, the party external relations have participated in strengthening the position and role of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the State of Vietnam in the international arena. Through the party external affairs, parties and countries regardless of political system and orientation are becoming more fully aware of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s leadership, all of whom wish to improve and expand relations with the Party and State. Despite differences in ideology, most political parties in countries attach great importance and wish to develop cooperative relations with the Communist Party of Vietnam, stemming from their awareness of the Party as the only political organization leading the State and other socio-political organizations in Vietnam. Diplomatic representative offices in Vietnam, international organizations, high-level missions of countries and parties coming to Vietnam express a stronger need and desire to work and have contact with the Party’s leaders as well as its advisory bodies. The fact that major countries, especially major partners, welcomed the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam as the highest ranking leader and the head of the Vietnamese government, together with the Joint Statement with many major partners such as England and the U.S, demonstrates that other countries not only commit to respect independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity but also respect Vietnam’s political institutions, thereby establishing a very important and favorable political foundation, promoting extensive and essential cooperation with partners in varied fields, and speeding up Vietnam’s wide and deep international integration process.

Sixth, by participating in and having increased importance in multilateral forums for regional and international political parties, the Party’s international integration has also been promoted. The Communist Party of Vietnam is currently a member of the Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP) – the most important multilateral mechanism of international communist and workers’ parties, a member of the Standing Committee of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP). The Party is also regularly invited to attend the São Paulo Forum, “Political parties and a new society” forum, international conferences for communist and workers’ parties held periodically in many countries.The Party’s proactive participation in multilateral forums has contributed to the exchange of information and experience while maintaining its standpoint, attracting support for Vietnam’s strategic matters, continuing valuable contributions to the revolutionary movement and peaceful cause, national independence, democratic and progressive society in the world, promoting trust and encouraging international friends in the fight for the era’s lofty goals.

As one of the three main external-relation units, the party external relations have made worthy contributions to the country’s deepening international integration process over the years. The world and regional situation will have complications in the coming time. Movement of political parties will also have complications with many new manifestations. They will participate more proactively in international political life, have greater demand for the expansion of external relations, extend their influence beyond national borders, increase learning and sharing of experience to improve their leadership and ruling capability with the aim of gaining advantage and voters’ support, especially before important elections. Such situation may pose many new problems that require the Party foreign affairs to adapt promptly and proactively, take advantage of opportunities to maximize the country and people’s interests. The flexible handling of the Party’s international relations will facilitate external affairs and strengthen the political foundation in Vietnam’s relations with partners, creating momentum for the implementation of bilateral and multilateral cooperative relation framework.


The party external relations, always promoting the spirit of initiative, positivity, innovation, creativity, efficiency and maintaining their role as a pillar of the diplomatic front, will continue their important and worthy contributions to the goal of maintaining a peaceful and stable environment for development, maintaining the country’s sovereignty, national independence and socialism as stated in the 12th Party Congress Resolution.Ho Thi Thanh Truc


Commission for Foreign Relations of the Party Central Committee

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