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Wednesday, 12 February 2020 10:15
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Improving capacity for the officials of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics (HCMA) to meet the requirements of international integration

(LLCT) - The HCMA is the national center for training and fostering middle and senior manager of the political system and politics theoretical scientific research of the Party and the State. Being an Advanced Party School - the HCMA becomes a alimentation place for communist ideals, which shows the spirit of creativity, humanity, perseverance, determination and innovation spirit of the leaders and managers of political system.

The HCMA is facing with new and extremely heavy tasks in training and retraining officials in the political system. The HCMA is responsible for training and retraining for middle and senior leaders; senior leaders, strategic levels of other countries; acting as the core and pillar for politics theoretical training in the nationwide system of politics theoretical training institutions; scientific research, summarizing practices, providing scientific arguments for direction planning of the Party and policies of the State.

In the new development step of country, international integration is more extensive, position and role of the HCMA continuously to be affirmed and strengthened. In the new context, the HCMA’s tasks are growing on theoretical research, training and fostering for leader and manager. The HCMA has responsibility to the Party and the State in term of theoretical research, training of politics theoretical for officials and Party’s members on the national political system. The HCMA is responsible for improving the capacity of whole politics theoretical lecturers in the system of political schools in provinces and cities directly under the Central Committee; to organize and coordinate with the relate Central Committee Orgnizations in guiding and uniformly managing the implementation of program, training and retraining contents; teaching and learning methods; scientific research; training management regulations; training and retraining of lecturers. In order to well implement the functions and tasks, the HCMA has invested a lot of resources, implemented several ways and solutions: arrangement, training and retraining to improve the capacity of the officials; focus on improve the capacity of officials, especially improve the quality of lecturers, and determine this is special importance task. The goal is step by step to create a dramatically change in quality, sufficient in quantity, reasonable structure, highly professional, capable and qualifies to complete all assign missions and guarantee for succession and continuous development.

Arrange the organization in a streamlined direction, promoting the effectiveness of the officials. The Leaders of the HCMA always seek and innovate for organization towards specialization, overcoming the limitation of overlap or division to coordinate and deploy at work; sometimes the assignment and coordination between Institutes with Departments were not enough and clear; regulations do not guarantee uniformity. In five years (from 2014 until now), the HCMA has organized in streamlined direction twice. In 2018, implementing the Central Committee Resolution No. 6, session XII, the HCMA has reorganized the organization, the apparatus in a streamlined, effective direction and meet short and long-term requirements, suitable with the practical situation; developing functions and tasks to be suitable with the organizational structure of the affiliated units. Along with arranging organizational structure, reducing focal points at all levels, the HCMA has developed the Scheme on streamlining the HCMA’s officials for the period 2016-2020, implementing the classification of officials and civil servants.

Regularly focus on developing, modifying and supplementing regulations and regulations on personnel, improving the effectiveness of official management, fulfilling practical requirements.

Planning, appointment and re-appointment for leaders and managers are implemented in accordance with the principles, ensuring for synchronism. In particular, the official planning is focused to implementing, thus actively to creating human resources and serving as a basis for training, arranging, use and development of officials, ensuring the quantity and quality.

The HCMA has focused on building up a contingent of synchronous officials. Also, focusing on developing a high-quality scientific officials force is to improve the quality of the contingent of administrative and logistics officials, strengthening the capacity of applying information technology in administrative management, to step by step streamline the number of officials, gradually reducing the administrative and logistics officials and increasing scientific human resources, as well asensuring no increase number of officials.

The policy regimes for officials are strictly implemented and ensured in accordance with regulations and on time such as: monitoring of salary and policy regimes related to salary, rank promotion, rank transfer, early wage increase; remuneration; types of allowances: teaching allowance, toxic allowance, responsibility allowance, ...

Completing the set of criteria and organizing rank promotion for officials of the HCMA; political schools; agencies and organizations of the Party, Fatherland Front and social-political organizations, creating motivation for strive of lecturers.

 The new point in personnel work was conducting assessment and classification of officials and civil servants from 2017. Especially, from 2018, officials appraisal and classification have been combined together with the work of reviewing emulation and reward annually, while reducing administrative procedures and improving the quality of official assessment.

The serious implementation of regulations on extending working time for scientific officials, who are on age for retirement to continue teaching, contributing to promoting the capacity of experienced lecturers.

The training and retraining of officials have always been paid special attention, in order to improve the qualifications and capacity of officials. Every year, the HCMA sent hundreds of officials to attend short-term and long-term courses at domestic and abroad.

The number of officials who go to attend domestic post-graduate training is:

                                                     2014  2015  2016  2017  2018

Sending to attend Ph.D courses          16      19      16      11      10

Sending to attend Master courses       10      14      23      08      04


The number of officials (HCMA’s Headquater) who go to attend post-graduate training aboard is:

                                                      2014  2015  2016  2017  2018

Sending to attend Ph.D courses          05      01      05      02      02

Sending to attend Master courses       01      02      01      07      04


The contingent of Professors and Asssociate Professors increased significantly over the years, contribute to improving the adavance human resources of the HCMA:

2014: 17 Assoc Prof (HCMA’s Headquater: 13, Regional Academy: 04);

2015: 10 Assoc Prof (HCMA’s Headquater: 08, Regional Academy: 02);

2016: 02 Professors; 07 Assoc Prof (HCMA’s Headquater: 04, Regional Academy: 03);

2017: 23 Assoc Prof (HCMA’s Headquater: 14, Regional Academy: 09);

The retraining and fostering of knowledge and profession of civil servants and officials are strengthened, followed by the goals and development requirements of the HCMA.

 Especially, from the implementation of Decision No. 163 / QD-TTg dated January 25, 2016 of the Prime Minister on the Approval of the Project for training and retraining of officials, civil servants in the period 2016-2025, the HCMA assigned to lead the development of a plan for training and retraining to improve the capacity, qualifications and pedagogical methods for nationwide political theoretical lecturers; including lecturers of provincial political schools, officials school of ministries and central mass organizations.

The HCMA has developed plans and programs, also implemented several training courses for middle and senior leaders, managers and theoretical officials for the political system; training and retraining for officials and civil servants of the HCMA’s whole system; training and retraining of lecturers of political schools, civil servant schools of ministries and central commission agencies.

Implementing the retraining and fostering of official, in the past years, the HCMA has built a number of training programs, retraining political theoretical lecturers such as: Retraining program in-depth knowledge of classics Marxist-Leninist and Ho Chi Minh’s thought, full time study for 04 months. The retraining class of Ho Chi Minh’s thought for lecturers who are teaching the subject Ho Chi Minh’s thought for 06 months. The retraining programs for active teaching methodologies focus on new and modern teaching skills and methods.

Besides, the programs of retraining and updating new knowledge for majors which are developed and implemented annually by 19 Institutes.

Retraining programs for political theoretical lecturers with fulltime study in 04 months, for those who are researchers, lecturers, editorials, officials, lack of pedagogical skills and teaching methods, to facilitate for their teaching or transfer to lecturer code. In general, the retraining and fostering programs are developed and regularly revised and supplemented to ensure the update and modernity.

The HCMA has invited leading, experienced scientists, experts with high reputation inside and outside the HCMA, leaders and managers at the central level to participate in teaching. Inviting a number of foreign experts to participate in the thematic reports for knowledge sharing, international integration, teaching methods.

As a result, in the last 03 years, since the implementation of the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 163, the training and retraining of the HCMA has achieved important progress: 97 classes have been organized , with the number of 5,753 participants, of which: 48 retraining courses for updating knowledge of specialize sciences for lecturers of the HCMA, political schools and officials schools; training and professional training in the fields of work for 3,395 participants.

Having organized 01 training class about Ho Chi Minh’s thought for political theoretical lecturers, with 24 participants. In order to improve integration capacity, 01 Bachalor class for Foreign language (English) was organized, with 62 students. 01 Laos language for communication class, 36 students.

Having organized 02 fostering classes to update knowledge and leadership skills for leaders and managers of divisional and departmental levels for the HCMA in Hanoi, with 155 participants. Implementing the decentralization on training management and retraining of officials, the Regional Academies opened 33 training courses, training of professional skills for officials, with the number of 1,385 participants.

Having organized 01 fostering class to update knowledge and leadership skills for Principals and Vice principals in charge of provincial political schools, official training schools, with 76 participants. 01 fostering class to update knowledge and management skills for the Vice Principals in charge of training for provincial political schools, civil servant schools, with 68 participants. 03 fostering classes of classic knowledge of Marxist-Leninist and Ho Chi Minh’s thought for political theoretical lecturers, with 156 participants.

Implementing training to meet the title criteria, organized 02 classes of fostering for Senior officials, 128 participants; organized 02 classes of Middle Officials, 136 participants; organized 01 class of Officials, 82 participants.

- Completing 01 fostering class of political theoretical lecturers for officials who are receiving salary of lecturers code, researchers with Masters and Doctoral degrees who have not yet participated in teaching and have sufficient capacity and ability to become political theoretical lecturers, with 50 participants.

In only 03 years from 2016-2018, the HCMA has organized 19 fostering classes for active teaching - learning methods, at the HCMA and localities, with 585 participants from the HCMA, political schools and civil servant schools. Besides, there are 03 training courses for active teaching methods for lecturers of Laos’ Political and Administrative schools.

Along with boosting domestic fostering classes, the organization for fostering classes abroad has also been strengthened. In 3 years, the HCMA organized 05 delegations with the number of 88 officials to study and foster abroad, in Japan, Russia, France, Newzealand.

The training and retraining of officials have closely followed the demand, aiming at the goal of international integration, thus achieving high efficiency.

Implementing the direction of sending officials for secondment, long-term practical research in the locality. The HCMA’s Headquater has developed a plan to send scientific officials to practice in the localities to implement in order. Thereby contributing to improving practical knowledge of officials.

Promoting the emulation and commendation work to create an important driving force in development, improving the capacity of officials. The HCMA and capacity building of official, over the past years, the President of the HCMA has launched many emulation movements with specific, practical contents, closely following the implementation of the assigned objectives and tasks such as: improving the quality of training; promoting research, review and develop the theory of Marxism - Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thought, improving the quality of training and retraining; Continuing to preserve and promote the tradition and reputation of the HCMA; building an exemplary image of the Officials of Party School. All emulate movements receive the participation and response of emulation committment of 100% of Departments and Institutes.

Through the development stages, the contingent of officials of the HCMA is constantly growing. Up to now, the HCMA has built up a contingent of officials with strong political ideas, enthusiasm for the profession and passion for work; receiving basic training, capability and worthy contribution to the revolutionary career of the Party and the Nation.By the end of 2018, the whole HCMA had 2,184 officials, civil servants and employees; in which, the Headquater of the HCMA has 848 officials, the Regional Academies have 1,336 officials.

The contingent of researchers and lecturers actively learns to improve the capacity. Many officials have the opportunity to study and exchange issues of intensive political theoretical, summarize practical experience with a team of leaders and managers at strategic level.Many officials have high professional qualifications, are sticking with the profession, many official attended long-term and medium-term training abroad, have good foreign language skills, and are proficient in advising and assisting scientific research; having been effectively promoting research capacity, practical review and teaching politics theoretical. In many specialize fields, there are a number of prestigious officials; many officials are both Lecturers and Scientists who have many highly valuable projects, closely following practical issues to propose solutions.

The contingent of officials, staff members of advisory, administrative and logistic Departments and Units always try to complete the assigned tasks; actively to study and train to improve qualifications and abilities; viewpoints, stances, moral qualities, practices operational capacities, working methods.

Facing the new requirements, in the context of international integration and the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the HCMA’s officials have not had any breakthrough changes. The contingent of officials also revealed limitations and shortcomings. Most notably, the number of officials capable of international integration are very limited; lack of leading experts on some majors pillar of the HCMA, etc. The work of pesonnel is also inadequate, not really thorough and comprehensive. There are no long-term plans and strategies for the development of scientific officials, only planning for leaders and managers.The training and retraining of officials are patchy according to short-term and annual plans, but there is no long-term strategy,focused on fostering for teaching officials but have not yet paid adequate attention to the contingent of advisors, administrative and logistic officials.

In response to the urgent demand to improve the capacity of the HCMA’s officials in the new period, the Prime Minister signed the issuance of Decision No. 587 / QD-TTg dated 17 May 2016, approving the Project to improving capacity of cadres, civil servants and officials of the HCMA and political schools of provinces and cities directly under the Central in the period of 2019 - 2030.Defining objectives: Developing a contingent of officials, civil servants sufficient in number, reasonably structured, having strong political ideas, exemplary professional ethics, high professional qualifications, high pedagogical and capabilities science style, meeting the requirements of tasks and international integration.In details: By 2025, Lecturers have a 04-age structure level, ensuring continuous succession: Under 40 years old accounting for 15%; From 40-50 years old from 35-40%; From 50-60 years old, 35-40%; Over 60 years old 5 - 10%. By 2030, lecturers will take minimum of 65% of officials and civil servants in each unit. At least 70% or more of lecturers are standardized, qualified professional titles, job positions, proficient in scientific research methods and modern teaching methods; 50% of the HCMA’s science majors have leading experts. At least 50% of scientific officials under 40 years old can directly use foreign language (English) in researching and teaching; sufficient lecturers who are fluent in Laos language for direct translation and participation in training, retraining and scientific research.

By 2030, 100% of leaders and managers are equipped with advanced knowledge, leadership and management skills; capable of organizing, managing and operating effectively activities, especially training managment, retraining and scientific research activities.

By 2030, 100% of the contingent of advisory and assistance officials will receive training and retraining for skills and professional skills, meeting requirements of job position; proficiently using of applications of technology and modern facilities, improving the effectiveness at all aspects of work; having a sense of responsibility, a spirit of serving and modern attitude. In order to achieve the set of goals, it is necessary to combine resources to implement the main solutions identified by the Project:

- Accurately evaluating the situation of the contingent, the ability to meet the requirements of international integration tasks, the capacity, qualifications, skills, research and teaching methods of the officials; about the relationship between expertise and competence, qualifications, skills and teaching methods, serving as a basis for personnel work.

- Developing and completing regulations of personnel work: sets of criteria, standards, capacity framework of official in the new period for political quality, morality and lifestyle; level of knowledge; ability, skill; style. Developing working positions of officials according to each title. The application of technology in staff management.

- Continuing to arrange and streamline organizational apparatus, streamlining the number of official; effective implementation of assessment, official classification and restructuring of official. At the same time, recruiting and promptly supplementing the contingent of official, giving priority for the young and the talent, capable of working in an international environment; having a mechanisms and policies to attract qualify, capable and ethical human resources. Renovating the regimes and policies for the HCMA’s officials to suit reality.

- Focusing on innovation, improving the quality of training, retraining and fostering of officials both at domestic and abroad, both in terms of professional skills and foreign languages. There is a mechanism to encourage officials to self-study. Enhancing the rotation, secondment, short-term and long-term practice, improving practical knowledge and practicing the practical skills of summarizing, leading and managing. The application of technology in knowledge sharing improves the effectiveness of training and retraining official.

- Enhancing academic exchange with prestigious scientists and scientific organizations in the world; creating conditions for officials to participate in research cooperation with foreign scientific organizations, participating in scientific conferences, and publishing research results on international journals.

- Encouraging the “Research Group” model, creating a democratic environment in scientific research, to study in depth the theoretical and practical issues, meeting the politics theoretical requirements. Since then, forming the specialist group of the HCMA on each field of theoretical. Implementing the mechanism of the HCMA’s President to assign scientific tasks, hiring experts and scientists to conduct research on big projects to invest in developing high-quality scientific human resources.

Assoc. Prof., DR. Nguyen Thang Loi

Deputy Director General

Department of Personnel and Organization

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