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Monday, 03 October 2022 12:54
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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 535 (9-2022)


Table of contents - Issue No 535 (9-2022)


3.      VO VAN THUONG: Proactively innovate to achieve many achievements in political theory research, training and fostering cadres

7.      NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Implementing the motto of Proactive -Synchronous - Breakthrough - Disciplined - Quality - Effective, successfully completing the tasks of the new school year


12.     NGUYEN VAN LY - VO CONG KHOI: Ensuring human security according to the spirit of the 13thParty Congress

19.     TRAN TUAN SON - NGUYEN THI HUE: Promoting Vietnam's role in ASEAN cooperation and connection in light of the 13thParty Congress

25.     HONG THE VINH: Improve public service morality for cadres and civil servants in the spirit of the 13thParty Congress


31.     NGUYEN DUY BAC: Political science, social science and humanities contribute to protecting and developing the Party's ideological foundation

43.     DINH VAN THUY: Applying Ho Chi Minh’s view point on moral education to raise revolutionary morality today


48.     TRINH XUAN VIET: There is no denying the scientific and revolutionary character of Marx's theory of surplus value

54.     TRAN THI HOI: Ho Chi Minh is the symbol of peace - the undeniable fact!

60.     TRAN ANH TU: Identifying, fighting against the opinion that the party, state of Vietnam "discriminate" against ethnic minorities       


66.     MAI DUC NGOC: Uphold the glorious tradition, continue to innovate, and strengthen the leadership of the party committee over the activities of the Academy of Journalism and Communication

73.     NGUYEN MANH HAI: Institute of scientific information - 60 years of construction and development

80.     TRAN NGOC NHIEU: Political theory education in the Party committee of Quang Nam province


87.     LE VAN DINH: Social supervision and criticism of the Vietnam Fatherland front in Da Nang city

93.     NGUYEN THI TO QUYEN: The role of social management in social stability and development   

99.     DAO NGOC BAU: A number of solutions to ensure the implementation of the motto “people know, people discuss, people do, people inspect, people monitor and people benefit”

106.   NGUYEN THANH TUAN: Vietnam promotes guaranteeing women's equal rights in response to climate change when joining the woman rights Council

114.   PHAM THI THU SUONG: Situation and solutions to improve the effectiveness of environmental protection in industrial parks


120.   NGUYEN DINH TAN: Social structure, social stratification - Theoretical research and practical application

128.   LE NGOC HUNG: Public administration reform: From the traditional model to the post - New public management model

137.   NGUYEN MINH PHUONG: Relationship between the socialist law-ruled State and associations in Vietnam today


145.   LE VAN TOAN: Features in the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics during the reform and opening up period 

150.   CHANSOULINH INKHAMSENG: Criteria for quality assessment of district officer under the provision of the provincial standing party committee in Central Laos


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