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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 537 (11-2022)


Table of contents - Issue No 537 (NOVEMBER- 2022)


3.      NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Comrade Vo Van Kiet - An excellent leader of the Vietnamese Party and revolution


8.      Nguyen HUNG HAU: Eastern ideas in F. Engels’ thoughts

13.     MACH QUANG THANG: The Party’s first political platform and aspiration for independence, freedom, and happiness

20.     BUI DINH PHONG: Ho Chi Minh’s thought on the relationship between the Party’s leadership, State’s management and people’s ownership

26.     TRUONG THI HONG HA: Handling the relationship between democracy practice and legislation enhancement, ensuring social discipline in justice reform in Vietnam

32.     NGUYEN AN NINH: Universal values and unique characteristics in the theory of the Communist Party of Vietnam on socialism and the path to socialism over 35 years of national renewal

37.     NGUYEN TRONG BINH - NGUYEN NGOC ANH: PEOPLE are the center - A principle in the operation of the Vietnamese political system


44.     PHAM DUC KIEN - DAO DINH THAO: Identifying and fighting againsts signs of “self-evolution”, “self-transformaton” in cadres and party members today

52.     PHAM THI MAI: Our chosen path - No force can turn the wheel of history


58.     LE THI TINH - NGUYEN HOANG LY: Teaching intermediate political theory and defending the party’s ideological foundation, fighting against wrongful and hostile views

65.     NGUYEN THI TAM: Education of ethic and cultural lifestyle for students at present (through the practice of universities in Thanh Hoa province)


73.     LAM QUOC TUAN - NGUYEN THI THU HONG: The Vo Van Kiet style


80.     NGUYEN QUANG VINH: Building a business ethics and business culture for the sustainable development of enterprises

88.     NGUYEN HUU MINH: Gender equality in families of ethnic minorities groups in Vietnam

96.     DO THI PHUONG HOA: Digital transformation in new rural construction towards smart village model


106.   PHAM TAT THANG - NGUYEN NGOC ANH: Current situation of developing party organizations and mass organizations in enterprises 

112.   HA VIET HUNG: Trends in social stratification and sustainable poverty reduction in Vietnam for the period 2010-2020

121.   NGUYEN VINH HUNG: Legal characteristics of simple syndicated companies in some countries and Vietnam

129.   NGUYEN THANH BINH: Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee leads the renewal of cadre evaluation in term of content and method


135.   TRINH AN PHU: The struggle for the persistence and creation of Marxism - Leninism of the Chinese communists

141.   LE THI THU MAI: Some theories on power shifting and current trends of power shifting


152.   DO THI MY DZUNG: The harmful impacts of tobacco on the economy and the environment

155.   NGUYEN THI THUY THAO: Policies and laws on prevention and control of harmful impacts of tobacco in Vietnam


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