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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 16:20
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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 9-2018


3.     NGUYEN XUAN THANG:Continuing to promote the glorious tradition of the Academy, striving to successfully complete the task of school year 2018-2019


9.     Tran KHAC VIET:Discussing the leadership and ruling role of the Communist Party of Vietnam

14.   PHAM DUY DUC: Culture in economics in Vietnam today

20.   HO XUAN QUANG - NGUYEN TUAN ANH:The   process   of   perception   and   theoreticaldevelopment of the Communist Party of Vietnam on the control of statepower in the renovation period

27.   Hoang NGOC HAI:Promoting labor resources for the reform of the growth model in Vietnam

34.   PHAM ANH HUNG:Crisis of capitalism viewed from the theory of K.Marx and reality

41.   Le QUOC:Improving competitiveness of Vietnamese private sector in the context of integration and Industrial revolution 4.0


46.   DAO THI THANH THUY:Renovating the model of training the contingent of leaders and managers of public higher education institutions to meet the requirements of autonomy and self-responsibility


52.   NGUYEN THI THANH NHAN:Improving the quality of the issuance of resolutions of the People's Councils at communal level in Vietnam currently

59.   DO VAN QUAN - LE TRUNG KIEN:Salary policy in Vietnam - Reform paths

67.   TRAN THI HONG HANH:Violation of the law on protection of personal information in Vietnam - Current status, causes and solutions

74.   NGUYEN THANH HUYEN:Some typical examples of implementing the law on grassroots democracy


81.   LUU VAN SUNG:Resolving public security issues to prevent “hot spots” and “complicated cases”

86.   HOANG THI LAN:New phenomena in ethnic and religious relations in ethnic minority areas in the Northwest region currently


92.   NGUYEN HUU CAT - VU QUANG DUC:China's foreign policy after the 19th Congress of Communist Party of China and its influences

98.   NGUYEN DUONG HUNG:Populism and the challenges for the European Union 

104.LE THI THU MAI:Japanese developmental State and some suggestions for Vietnam

112.DAO THI NGUYET HANG:South Korea's economic diplomacy for Vietnam


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