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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 10-2018

CONTENTS - ISSUE no 10-2018


3. NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Vietnam - Japan relationship: solid foundation for new development vision

8. SON MINH THANG: Promoting the 70-year tradition, Party committee of the centrally-run state bodies continued to build a transparent and strong party organizations


11. TRAN VAN PHONG: International integration and requirements of strategic thinking of today's leaders

17. HO SY QUY: The success and failure of nations - From the theory of institutional development and the Fragile state index (FSI) of Vietnam in 2006 – 2018 period

26. NGUYEN VAN VINH: Issue of synchronous political reform which is in line with economic reform

33.  TRAN THI MINH TUYET: Power control according to Ho Chi Minh Thought

39. PHAN THANH KHOI: V.I.Lenin’s struggle against populism in Russia and what it means for Vietnam

46. NGUYEN VAN QUYET: Nguyen Van Quyet: F.Engel's fight against opportunism and reformism in the international communist and labor movement and lessons for Vietnam today

52. NGUYEN THI UNG: Theoretical approach of community participation in rural social management research


58. PHAN VAN RAN: Institute of International relations - A journey of 40 years and the road ahead

64. LE NGOC HUNG: Autonomy in universities is a new development trend in fundamental and comprehensive educational reform


71. TRAN MINH TRUONG: Comrade Luong Khanh Thien - The talented leader of the Northern Party Committee and Hanoi Party Committee


75. LE KIM VIET: The position and role of the Vietnamese peasantry and the issues raised in the current mobilization of farmers

80. HUYNH THANH QUANG: Huynh Thanh Quang: Some problems in implementation of the Law on Belief and Religion in the Mekong River Delta


84. NGUYEN VAN GIANG - NGO HUY TIEP: The development of party building science in Vietnam

91. LE THI CHIEN: The Party's views on the prevention of  “tenure thinking”


97. NGUYEN THI QUE - NGUYEN THI PHUONG ANH: China's policy towards the Greater Mekong Subregion

104. PHAM THI HOANG HA: The concept of building a common humanity of the Communist Party of China

108. NGUYEN TRONG BINH - NGUYỄN THỊ NGỌC ANH: Participation of people in new rural construction in Japan, Korea and China


115. TRỊNH DUY LUÂN: Social development and social development management


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