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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 9-2019

CONTENTS - ISSUE no 9-2019



3.       Nguyen Xuan Thang:70 years of glorious tradition of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

10.     Ta Ngoc Tan:On the training of cadres at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

15.     Le Quoc Ly:The Academy aims to be a prestigious regional and international research and development center

22.     Nguyen Duy Bac:Building up the Academy's staffs to meet the requirements of the new period

27.     Hoang Phuc Lam:The Party Committee of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics's leadership and direction in all fields in the period of 2014-2019

35.     Tran Van Phong:The Academy towards an international center for research and development of Marxism - Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought

41.     Truong Ngoc Nam:The Academy of Journalism and Communication and the training of the Party’s and the State’s officials in political theory, ideology and press.

46.     Nguyen Vinh Thanh - Vu Van Hau:Political Academy Region I renovates and improves the quality of training and retraining

53.     Pham Minh Tuan:From the Southern Party School to the Political Academy Region II -70 years of establishment and development

59.     Nguyen Van Ly: Five-year progress (2014-2019) of the Political Academy Region III

64.     Nguyen Quoc DZung:Political Academy Region IV strives to become a national center for training and fostering leaders, managers and a modern political science research center in the Southwest region

69.     Le Van Loi:Strengthening the practical review to contribute practically to the development of the Party’s 12th Congress Document

75.     Hoang Anh - Pham Thi Tuy:Training management at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics for the period of 2014-2019

83.     Nguyen Van Thang:Strengthening the system management contributes to promoting the important role of the local Political Schools in cadre training and fostering

89.     Tran Minh Truong:Scientific activities of Research Institute of Ho Chi Minh and Party leaders - Some achievements and development orientations

94.     Nguyen Minh Tuan:A new phase of the Party building science at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

99.     Tuong Duy Kien:Institute of Human Rights - 25 years of construction and development

106.   Vu Hoang Cong:Journals, newsletters serving the Academy's political duties for the period of 2014-2019

111.   Duong Trung Y:Publishing work for the period 2014-2019 of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

116.   Tran Quang Dieu:Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy towards smart governance model

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