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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 3-2020

CONTENTS - ISSUE no 3-2020


3.       TRAN VAN PHONG: Implications for Vietnam from Marxist - Leninist theory of socio-economic form

9.       PHAN XUAN SON - NGUYEN THI THANH DZUNG: Cultural and psychological factors in managing and resolving social conflicts

16.     DANG XUAN HOAN: Public policy making in a market economy

23.     LY VIET QUANG: Ho Chi Minh’s thought on the prevention of and combat against manifestations of recession of political ideology, morality and lifestyle of cadres and party members

28.     NGUYEN THI MIEN: Sustainable development of the private sector in Vietnam: A number of issues and solutions

34.     Trinh Xuan Thang: The legal mechanism controlling legislative rights in Vietnam

42.     TRAN VAN DUY: Improving the law on responsibilities of heads of state administrative agencies


46.     PHAN THI THANH HAI: The need for online training of political theory subjects in universities


52.     LE VAN DINH: Danang actively builds a model of modern urban government

58.     NGUYEN THANH MINH: Peaceful measures to settle sovereignty disputes over seas and islands in the East Sea area

67.     NGUYEN ANH TUAN: Non-traditional security - Issues and solutions for ethnic minority areas

73.     NGUYEN THI THUY LINH: Be more aware and take drastic action in waste prevention

78.     DAO THI TUNG: Ensuring the right to study of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands - An important basis for equality among ethnic groups


85.     Nguyen Duy Bac: Contents, methods and forms of protecting the Party’s ideological foundation, fighting to prevent wrong and hostile views

90.     Le Thi Chien: It is necessary to refute the views that distort and deny Marxism-Leninism about class struggle

97.     Tran Nhat Duat: Enhancing the capacity of the contingent of cadres and party members in the fight against the distorted argument of the enemy forces


103.   LE HAI BINH: Conflict and compromise between the United State and China: From theory to practice and some forecasts

110.   THAI VAN LONG - NGUYEN THI MINH THAO: Southeast Asia cooperates to ensure network security in the current context

115.   NGUYEN VAN DU - TRINH THI HOA: ASEAN’s “central role” in the security structure of the Asia-Pacific region

123.   LE DINH TINH - VU THI THU NGAN: The concept of a middle power and Vietnamese context


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