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Friday, 17 April 2020 18:41
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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 4-2020


CONTENTS - ISSUE no 4-2020



3.       NGUYEN XUAN THANG: V.I Lenin’s heritage - Theoretical and practical values for the world and Vietnam revolution

11.     MACH QUANG THANG: The influence of Draft theses on the national and 

colonial question of V.I.Lenin on Ho Chi Minh

17.     VU VAN PHUC: New economic policy of V.I.Lenin and its meaning with the transition period to socialism

23.     PHAM THAI VIET: The proletarian internationalism of V.I.Lenin

29.     DINH VAN THUY: Applying the view of V.I.Lenin on improving the state

apparatus into renovating the political system in Vietnam today

35.     PHAM THI HOANG HA - NGUYEN THI THU HUYEN: V.I.Lenin’s thought on nation and class and the application of the Communist Party of Vietnam

42.     HA THI THUY DUONG: V.I.Lenin’s thought on the right of nations to self-

determination and significance for Vietnam today

49.     NGUYEN THANH HAI: V.I.Lenin defends and develops the theory of K.Marx and F.Engels on the revolutionary army


56.     PHAN TRONG HAO: The awareness development of the Communist Party of Vietnam about relationship between independence, autonomy and initiative and active international integration

64.     NGUYEN THANH TUAN: Human-centered, human rights and comprehensive human development associated with democracy and the rule of law

70.     NGUYEN THANG LOI - TRINH THI HONG HANH: The Party’s intellectual mobilization - Achievements and a number of issues

79.     TRAN HOA PHUONG: The theory of reproduction of K.Marx from Vietnam’s economic growth model


86.     PHAM MINH ANH - DO VAN QUAN: Sustainable urban development in the Southwest region - Objectives, issues and solutions

93.     NGUYEN THI NGOC HOA - BUI THI LONG: Review a year of implementing the Law on Cyber security

100.   NGUYEN HAI HOANG: Digital human resource development meeting the requirements of the digital economy

107.   NGUYEN THI THU HOAI: Preserve and promote the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities in the Northwest of Vietnam

115.   TRAN TUAN SON - LE DUY THANG: Maintaining and promoting the international spirit of Uncle Ho’s Army in the current situation


121.   LE VAN TOAN: Vietnam - India relations from sustainable tradition to an open modernity

127.   QUACH THI HUE: The policy of the Donald Trump administration towards India in a free and open Indo-Pacific context


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