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Thursday, 18 June 2020 11:16
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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 6-2020



Theory research

3.       HOANG PHUC LAM: Political theory education for a team of reporters, editors and technicians of the press agencies: Current situation and solution

11.     LE HAI BINH: Some theoretical and practical issues on national governance in the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam

19.     NGUYEN AN NINH: Results of new theoretical perception on the working class in Vietnam

26.     TRAN THI MINH CHAU: Creatively applying Marxist - Leninist theory on multi-sector economy to the private economic development policies in Vietnam

33.     NGUYEN VAN GIANG - NGUYEN NGOC ANH: Renovating and reorganizing the current Vietnamese political system apparatus

39.     NGUYEN THI THOM: Evaluation of Vietnamese human development and some recommendations

44.     VO CHAU THAO: Ho Chi Minh's thought on the struggle against threats to the ruling Communist Party and its meaning today

51.     NGUYEN VAN TRUNG: On the path of the proletariat revolution through some works of Nguyen Ai Quoc in the period of 1920-1925


58.     DOAN THE HANH: Setting an example of cadres and party members, first and foremost of senior officials - Awareness and behavior

64.     NGUYEN DINH TAN: Changing the migration size and structure of ethnic minorities from Renewal period to now

70.     NGUYEN THAI BINH: Promoting the role and responsibility of the intellectual team in the development of Gia Lai province

76.     NGUYEN DUC NHUAN: Election of party committee “with the will of the Party and the people”

82.     NGUYEN QUANG HOAI CHAU: Applying the dialectical relationship between people's self-awareness and the management role of the State in current context of national construction

88.     DUONG THI TUOI: Managing public non-business units to adapt to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Vietnam today

94.     NGUYEN THE ANH: Implementing the legislation on emulation, commendation and a number of limitations to be overcome


101.   TRAN SY PHAN - PHUNG THI KHANH LE: F.Engels's thought on “public power” - The theoretical foundation for combating the current plot to depoliticize the military

107.   LE THI CHIEN: The role of the core cadres in protecting the Party's ideological foundation in the current period

          International issues

113.   DO LAN HIEN: Philippines and religious security

121.   TRUONG THI KIEN: Experience in handling fake news from the United Kingdom and Japan

127.   NGO PHUONG ANH: Realizing the “Belt and Road” initiative: China needs to overcome many challenges



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