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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 527 (1-2022)


CONTENTS - ISSUE no 527 (1-2022)


3.      NGUYEN HOA BINH: Building e-Court: A critical task for fulfilling justice reform strategy in People' Courts

11.     NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Theoretical thinking in the vision and direction for national development in the new period 


17.     NGUYEN TRONG PHUC: People-based Party building, the view of the 13th Party Congress

24.     DOAN TRIEU LONG: Socio-economic development in Central Region and the Central Highlands according to the 13th Party Congress

31.     HO THANH THUY: Promoting innovation and creativity in light of the 13th Party Congress

38.     LE VAN PHUC - HONG THE VINH: Promoting the will and aspiration for national development in light of the 13th Party Congress


45.     LE QUOC LY: The relationship between economic growth and social development in Vietnam                                                        

50.     NGUYEN MANH HA - VU THI HONG DUNG: The reasons Nguyen Ai Quoc and the Party chose the path of socialism

57.     DO NGOC NINH: General theoretical issues of the ruling capability of the Communist Party of Vietnam

61.     NGUYEN THANH TUAN: Promoting socialist democracy, ensuring the people's

67.     NGUYEN VAN THE: The connection and cooperation between the peple's public security force and the people's army        


72.     LE VAN LOI: Incorporate the content of defending the ideological foundation of the Party, fighting against false and hostile views in advanced political theory training

78.     TRAN SY PHAN: Criticizing the argument that Vietnam must necessarily implement pluralism and multi-party system to develop multi-sector economy 


83.     LE MINH QUAN: Teaching political science in the advanced political theory program with defending the ideological foundation of the Party

90.     DO VAN QUAN: Update the content of the document of the 13th Party Congress in teaching Sociology in leadership and management 

97.     NGUYEN THI QUE ANH: Organize the teaching of the advanced political theory program as the nature of the Party school

102.   NGUYEN DUC TUYEN:  The practical performance of lecturers in social sciences and humanities in military schools


109.   NGUYEN THI MINH NGOC - PHAM VAN THUAN - LE VAN CHIEN: The leading roles of Party committees in public business units today

116.   NGUYEN VAN HIEP: 25 years of re-establishment of Binh Duong - Outstanding policies and solutions

124.   TA VIET HUNG - NGUYEN HUU CAN: Promoting synergy, resolutely and persistently defending Vietnam's sovereignty over sea and islands in the new situation


131.   NGO DINH XAY: Renewal and innovation in Vietnam in the context of the Fourth industrial revolution 

138.   NGUYEN VAN QUYET: Vietnamese peasant class after 10 years of implementing the Resolution of the 7th Plenum - 10th tenure of the Central Party Committee

144.   NGO THI HAI ANH: Linking cadre evaluation with emulation and commendation at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics


149.   DOAN TRUONG THU - NGUYEN VAN DANG: R.A.Dahl's explanation on power and the distribution of political power in American society


156.   LE BAO NGOC: E-cigarettes: The unforeseen risks


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