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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 15:55
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Contents of Political Theory Journal Vol1, March, 2014





5. To Huy Rua: Proactively and self-consciously changing the study of theory and practice into the process of self-study, self-research and creation according to the lecturer’s suggestions and orientations

11. Ta Ngoc Tan: Vo Nguyen Giap - A strategic General and leader


18. Vo Nguyen Giap: Renovate and continuously renovate, democratize and further democratize, improve brainpower, and unite to move forwards in socialist construction and national defense

32. Le Quoc Ly: Fundamental factors guaranteeing stability and development of the current political system

38. Nguyen Viet Thao: The relation between independence, self-reliance and international integration

44. Duong Xuan Ngoc:  Approaches to and handling of relationship between the ongoing economic and political reforms

50. Tran Van Binh: Commercialization and culture

53. Dang Huu - Pham Ngoc Quang: Promoting the intellectual strength of the entire nation and implementing the strategy for ​​fast and sustainable development  

60. Tran Van Phong: The Party’s process of theoretical development about socialism and the path to socialism

67. Vu Hoang Cong: Democracy as an issue in the Documents of the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam

74. Tran Thanh: The relation between economic and political renewals


81. Pham Hong Chuong: Ton Duc Thang - An excellent upholder of the thought on national solidarity


87. Le Huu Nghia: Promoting people’s role in building a transparent and strong Party


96. Dang Dung Chi: Vietnam provides legal assurances for freedom of belief and religion


103. Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa: The comeback of Russia to Southeast Asia and its impact on Vietnam


108. Nguyen Trinh: “Contribution to amending the 1992 Constitution” column after nearly two years underway

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