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Thursday, 14 January 2016 15:51
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Political Theory Journal Vol4, DEC, 2015


3. LE QUOC LY: Renewal of economic thinking: A look back at 70 years

9. NGUYEN VAN MANH: 70 years of building a State of, by and for the people

16. HOANG CHI BAO: Cultural industries and national sustainable development

20. LE VAN TOAN: Characteristics of Vietnamese culture

25. TRUONG THI MY NHAN - LE THI THUC: Economic restructuring in response to climate change - theory and practice


35. DANG THI LOAN: Improving the effectiveness of legal aid to ensure human rights in Vietnam

40. NGUYEN THANH TUAN - TRAN THI HOE: Upholding State’s responsibility for ensuring human rights

46. NGO VAN VU: Restructuring of State-owned enterprises: results, challenges, and solutions

54. BUI TAT THANG: Investment and business environment from the perspective of administrative reform


59. TRINH VUONG HONG: Sacrificing itself for the people: A noble revolutionary virtue of the Vietnam People’s Army

64. NGUYEN MINH PHONG - NGUYEN TRAN MINH TRI: Vietnam - U.S. relations: 20 years’ journey and prospects


71. NGUYEN THI BAO: Ensuring rural women’s rights in the modernization of rural areas


76. PHAM DUY DUC: Research and review of the urgent theoretical issues that have arisen from 30 years of renovation

83. CHU THI THUY HANG - MAI HANH TRANG: International conference: Ensuring human rights through a law-ruled state and independent justice

85. NGUYEN HOA MAI - NGUYEN THI NGAN: International conference: “Vietnam, ASEAN- India cooperative development: Reality and prospects”


91. NGUYEN VIET THAO: “One Belt, One Road” initiative and its impact on world economics and politics

96. THAI VAN LONG - LUONG CONG LY: The impact of China’s “energy diplomacy” policy on Southeast Asia

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