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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 10:31
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Political Theory Journal Vol8, March, 2016



3. TA NGOC TAN: Promoting the worship of Hung Kings in national construction and defense

8. SONG THANH: Vietnamese patriotism - spiritual foundation and driving force for development

17. BUI THI NGOC LAN: Gender dimensions in the current institutions and policies for female intellectuals


24. HOANG ANH: Solutions to enhance the quality of cadre training at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

29. NGUYEN XUAN TRUNG: Vietnam’s educational philosophy: from tradition to Ho Chi Minh era

36. DINH NGOC GIANG - LE THI MINH HA:Cooperation between Vietnam and Laos on training leadership and management officials


40. LE THI THANH HA: The issue of marine and island environment in Vietnam today

46. NGUYEN THI THUY LINH: Social stratification in politics and culture in Vietnam currently

52. NGUYEN THI VAN HANH:The participation of women in Vietnam’s current political system


59. MACH QUANG THANG: A National Assembly committed to building up a permanent democracy

64. VU THANH CA - LE MINH PHUONG: The 1958 Diplomatic Note of Prime Minister Pham Van Dong and Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa Archipelagos


72. TRAN VAN PHONG: Can the market economy work in harmony with a socialist orientation?

78. NGUYEN QUOC PHAM: The nature of the allegation: “Marxist - Leninist is in opposition to Ho Chi Minh Thought”


84. NGUYEN NHAM:  Global security 2016: A forecast

92. NGUYEN VAN KHANH: An overview of the left-wing movements in Latin America


101. LE BAO NGOC: A seminar on “Vietnam and Spain’s experience of regional integration: Comparative approach”

107. NGUYEN THI LAN: Scientific seminar “Human right achievements of Vietnam over 70 years”

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