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Monday, 10 October 2016 11:28
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Political Theory Journal Vol 10, September, 2016



3. NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Ho Chi Minh -A statesman of great vision

10. LE HUU NGHIA: Upholding the CPV’s working-class nature in new contexts

18.PHAN VAN GIANG: The Party’s new thinking on strengthening national defense capabilities to protect firmly the country in new situations

24. NGUYEN DUY BAC: For comprehensive development of Vietnamese culture and people according to 12th Party Congress

33. VU HOANG CONG: Religious policies in the socialist law-ruled State of Vietnam

40. NGUYEN MINH HOAN: Ho Chi Minh’s philosophy of social progress and its significance to awareness of developmental goals in Vietnam


46. VU KHANH HOAN: The current training and use of ethnic minority personnel and civil servants in Vietnam

52. NGUYEN HOA MAI: Socialization of education in meeting requirements of development and integration


62. NGUYEN MANH HUNG: Diversifying forms of partnership, overcoming limitations of farmer household economy in integration

67. PHAM NGOC HOA: Correlations between PAPI and PCI (In the case of Ho Chi Minh City)

72. LE VAN LOI: Promoting fine moral values of traditional beliefs in Red River Delta


78. NGUYEN VAN CONG: President Ho Chi Minh: The visit to France in 1946 and his friendship with Raymond Aubrac

83. LE DINH SON: Party General Secretary Ha Huy Tap: An excellent leader of the Party and nation and a celebrity of Ha Tinh


91. NGUYEN VAN DZUNG: Which direction for the press in the digital communication era (in the case of the Vietnamese press)

98. LE CHI MAI: How Vietnam needs to be prepared in situation of lack of Official Development Assistance (ODA)


102. LE DUY THANG - TRAN THI KIM DZUNG: Water insecurity in the Mekong River and its consequences for the region

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