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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 11:39
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Political Theory Journal Vol 12, March, 2017


3. NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Wishing the relationship and cooperation to extensively grow!


6. LE QUOC LY: Comrade Truong Chinh’s contributions to renewing the Party’s economic thinking

11. MACH QUANG THANG: Eighty-seven years of the Vietnamese Communist Party’s historical landmarks

16. TRAN VAN PHONG: Solutions to the relationship between individuals and society in Vietnam

21. BUI THI NGOC LAN: The fourth industrial revolution: Issues for Vietnam

The 50th Anniversary
of the International Convention for Human Rights

26. DANG DUNG CHI: Constitutional protection for human rights in 2013 Constitution

33. VU HOANG CONG: Guarantee of press and speech freedoms in the context of digitalized communication

40. NGUYEN THANH TUAN: Ensuring the right to an adequate standard of living in Vietnam


47. NGUYEN MINH PHONG: Vietnam’s inward and outward foreign direct investment: Current flows

52. PHAM NGOC HOA: Impacts of climate change and production practices on agriculture in the Mekong River Delta

57. TRINH THI HONG HANH: Women’s works and the current advancement of gender equality in Vietnam

65. TRAN NHAT DUAT: Improving the leadership and management ability of communal key leaders in new countryside construction in the Northwest


69. TA NGOC TAN: Marxism - Leninism never goes out of date  

77. DO MINH CUONG: The science of leadership and management in Vietnam: some urgent fundamental issues

83. LUU NGOC TO TAM: Functions of the National Assembly  under the 2013 Constitution and recommendations for effective implementation


91. PHAM THANH BANG: How the East Sea issue has shaped the formation and development of ASEAN

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