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Friday, 20 October 2017 16:41
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Political Theory Journal Vol 14, Sep, 2017



3. LY VIET QUANG: Ho Chi Minh’s view on cooperation between countries for mutual benefits

9. NGUYEN XUAN TRUNG: Ho Chi Minh’s human philosophy in religious tolerance

15. AN NHU HAI: Establishing a constructive government to facilitate healthy competition


22. HO THANH THUY: Solutions for Vietnamese agro-products to participate in the global value chain

29. NGUYEN TAN VINH: Effective investment capital mobilization in Vietnam: Achievements and solutions

36. LE NGOC HUNG - NGUYEN NGOC ANH: Social security policy in Vietnam: Reality and some issues

45. LE THI THU: Improving the effectiveness of public policies implemented by the executive branch

51. LE VAN LOI: Contribution of Buddhism to the implementation of social security policy


57. BUI DINH PHONG: Ho Chi Minh’s vision on Soviet Russia’s values

61. TRAN DON: Implementation of policies for war invalids, martyrs and national devotees

66. LUU ANH RO: Some materials about Da Nang’s management of Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago (1945-1950)


71. NGUYEN AN NINH: “Prosperous people” - Top distinctive feature of socialism in Vietnam

77. LE KIM VIET - NGUYEN HUU THIET: Causes and solutions to prevent the modern problem of “bribing for positions”

82. NGUYEN VAN dZUNG: Journalists and issues of social supervision and criticism


91. LE VAN TOAN: Vietnam - China relations in the new context

99. HOANG ANH: Training programme for officers from Lao People’s Democratic Republic at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

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