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Tuesday, 09 January 2018 17:05
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Political Theory Journal Vol 15, Dec, 2017



3. NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Ho Chi Minh’s thought on the Vietnamese revolution, and Kaysone Phomvihane’s thought on the Lao revolution

11. Bui Phuong Dinh - Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam: Ho Chi Minh’s viewpoint on “modes of leadership” and its application today

18. Nguyen Van Quy: The Party’s viewpoints on the development of the private sector in the renewal period

25. LE BA TRINH: Vietnam Fatherland Front’s supervision and social critical feedback on religious affairs today: Some theoretical and practical issues 

35. Hoang Ngoc Hoa: Development of hi-tech agriculture linked to the agricultural restructuring in Vietnam: An institutional perspective

42. TAO THI QUYEN: Constitutional protection contributes to the sustainability of the political regime


49. AZZEDDINE FARHANE: Investment in youth: A strategic choice and a significant asset for sustainable growth in Africa

53. Ngo Ngoc Thang: Improving the quality of public policy making and implementation: Issues and solutions

60. Phan Thi Thu Hang - Nguyen Luong Ngoc: The possibility of universal ethics in a culturally plural world


66. Luong Trong Thanh - Ta Van Hung: The industrial revolution 4.0 and issues raised for cadre training and fostering institutions


71. Nguyen Thi Thom: Difficulties and challenges in implementing Vietnam's rapid and sustainable development goals

78. TRINH XUAN THANG: Impact of the 4th industrial revolution on the development of the state administration

84. TRUONG THI BACH YEN: Efforts to implement the objective of gender equality in politics


90. VU HOANG CONG: Values and lessons of justice and equality from the October Revolution and the realistic socialism

98. NGUYEN BA DUONG: Vietnam’s international integration in national defense and security

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