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Wednesday, 02 May 2018 12:07
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Political Theory Journal Vol 16, March, 2018



3. TRAN VAN PHONG: Solving the relationship between the universality and particularity in building Realistic socialism and lessons for Vietnam

10. PHAM NGOC ANH: Legacy of Ho Chi Minh Thought on international integration and cooperation

18. NGUYEN DANG THANH: Building the contingent of cadres at strategic level meeting the requirements of the Fatherland development and protection in the new period: breakthrough solutions

25. TRUONG THI HONG HA: Implementing the judicial reform strategy with the protection of human rights in Vietnam

33. DINH VAN THUY: Developmental state: Some theoretical and practical issues


38. HO THANH THUY: Impacts of green consumption on Vietnamese enterprises

45. TRAN NGOC HANG: Women empowerment to be continued in the current political life in the Northwest of Vietnam


51. BUI THI NGOC LAN: Manifesto of the Communist Party and the orientation value for the transitional path to socialism in Vietnam

57. NGUYEN TRONG PHUC: 1968 Spring Mau Than General Offensive and Uprising and the Party’s strategic determination and historical significance


65. HOANG ANH: Improving the effectiveness of field trip in refresher courses for reserve high-ranking cadres

72. HO TRONG HOAI – TRAN THI TU ANH: Building outcome standards for training programs in Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics


80. NGUYEN ANH TUAN – DUONG HOAI AN: The role of entrepreneurs in social development and management of social development

87. DINH THANH TUNG: A comment on the model of special administrative-economic unit in Vietnam


96. NGUYEN VIET THAO – NGO CHI NGUYEN: The small country-big country relationship in the world nowadays


104. NGUYEN HUU CAT -DOAN MAI LIEN: APEC and Vietnam’s contribution

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