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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 11:48
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Political Theory Journal Vol.18 - Sep, 2018



3. LE QUOC LY: Implementation of the “Personnel strategy of the Party in the period of boosting national industrialization and modernization”

10. NGUYEN DUY BAC: Resolution of the 5th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (8th tenure): Cultural strategy of the Party in the renovation period

18. LE KIM VIET: Organization and operation of the Vietnamese political system: Issues in question

28. TRAN HOA PHUONG: State ownership and state enterprises in the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam: Some policy recommendations

34. HO THANH THUY: Inclusive growth in Vietnam in integrated context


41. DUONG TRUNG Y: Personnel education and training in the course of national industrialization and modernization


50. NGUYEN MANH HA - VU THI HONG DZUNG: Vietnam’s assistance for the Chinese revolution in the years 1946-1949


59. LE VAN DINH: Promoting the traditional cultural value of ethnic minorities in the Central highlands for sustainable tourism development

68. LE THI THANH HA: Environmental security: The question for Vietnam today

78. NGUYEN THI THU NGA: Reviewing the operation of Vietnam’s anti-corruption strategy

85. NGUYEN THI THU CUC: Participation of residential communities in the decision-making process of local government


92. NGUYEN THI NGOC HOA - BUI THI LONG: The necessity of cybersecurity law

99. CAO DUC THAI: Prevention and fight against evil information to ensure freedom of expression, press and the right of access to information

107. NGUYEN DUC QUYNH: To have proper understand of the freedom of belief and religion in Vietnam


112. TRAN TUAN SON - VU DUC THO: Security in Southeast Asia in face of terrorist threats

118. NGUYEN HUU CAT - NGUYEN THI THANH VAN: Donald Trump administration's East Sea policy and issues of protecting Vietnam's sea-island sovereignty

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