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Wednesday, 20 February 2019 14:20
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Political Theory Journal Vol.19 - Dec, 2018


3. NGUYEN XUAN THANG: Vietnam - Japan relations: Solid foundation for a new vision of development

8. TRAN VAN PHONG: Maturation of the CPV’s theory on the private sector in the renewal period

16. HO XUAN QUANG -NGUYEN TUAN ANH: The Party’s awareness development on state power control

25. TRAN THI MINH TUYET: Ho Chi Minh Thought on power control

32. LE THI CHIEN: Views of the Party on preventing “office term-bound thinking”


40. TRAN THI HONG HANH: Violations of the law on personal information protection in Vietnam: Reality, cause and solution

48. NGUYEN THANH HUYEN: Some typical examples in implementation of Democracy law at grassroots level

57. NGUYEN THI DIEU HOA: Fighting against loss of state budget in the context of implementing free trade agreements


 65. DAO THI THANH THUY: Innovating the model of cultivating leaders and managers of public universities to meet requirements for autonomy and self-responsibility

72. LE NGOC HUNG: University autonomy is inevitable for the fundamental and comprehensive innovation of education in Vietnam FORUM

78. NGUYEN VAN GIANG – NGO HUY TIEP: The development of Party building science in Vietnam

86. HA QUANG NGOC: The role of the State on public services in the context of market economy development and administrative reform

94. HOANG THI LAN: New phenomena in ethnic and religious relationship in the Northwest mountainous areas of Vietnam


101. LE VAN TOAN: Cultural diplomacy for the current development of India

108. BUI DUC KHANH: The U.S. - China relations and their impacts on Vietnam


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