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Thursday, 15 August 2019 09:47
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Political Theory Journal Vol.21 - Jun, 2019


3. NGUYEN THI THOM: Economic growth together with improvement of people's life: Theory and practice in Vietnam

11. TRAN VAN HAI - TRAN HAI MINH: Humanism in Marxist theory and its epochal meaning

18. MACH QUANG THANG: Maintain the Party’s discipline under the Ho Chi Minh spirit

25. NGUYEN XUAN TRUNG: Relationship between “rule by virtue” and “rule by law” in Ho Chi Minh Thought on building a law-ruled State in Vietnam


32. TRUONG THI THONG - NGUYEN VAN THANG: Building a contingent of leaders and managers at provincial political schools


37. CHU VAN CAP: Some recommendations for efficient performance of Vietnamese State-owned economic groups

47. TRAN NGUYEN TUYEN: Improvement of Vietnamese small and medium enterprises competitiveness in international integration 

54. HO THANH THUY: Properly handling the relationships in building new rural area today

62. NGUYEN THI THANH HAI: Roles of procedural agencies in dealing with domestic violence in Vietnam today

70. NGUYEN THI MIEN: Labor shift from agriculture to industry and services in Vietnam: Issues and solutions

77. LE THI HUONG: Public investment in healthcare infrastructure in the Northwest region


84. TRAN VAN THACH: Influence of the press on people’s awareness of Vietnamese sovereignty over the sea and islands

90. HOANG THI LAN: Some principles of handling ethnic and religious issues in Vietnam nowadays

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