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Political Theory Journal Vol.27 - Dec, 2020

POLITICAL THEORY - Vol. 27 - DEC, 2020



3. HOANG PHUC LAM: Political theory education for journalists, editors and technicians of press agencies: Situation and solutions

12. DOAN THI CHIN: Core values of Vietnam’s socialist model in Ho Chi Minh Thought

18. PHAM THI TUY: Awareness of setting national development goals towards 2030 and 2045

25. TONG DUC THAO: Control of judicial power in the rule of law

33. NGUYEN VAN QUYET: F.Engels’ protection and development of scientific socialism in the 1883-1895 period


41. DINH XUAN LY: The fight against COVID-19: Lessons from the political science perspectives

49. NGUYEN HUU MINH: Women’s participation in politics in Vietnam: Achievements, challenges and some solutions in the new period

60. NGUYEN THANG LOI - TRINH THI HONG HANH: Intellectuals mobilization of the Party: Achievements and posing problems

71. PHAM TAT THANG: Promoting the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members in Party rectification

76. PHAM MINH ANH - DO VAN QUAN: Sustainable urban development in the Southwestern region: Objectives, problems and solutions

84. HOANG THI LAN - CAO PHAN GIANG: Current religion and belief life in the regions of ethnic minorities in Vietnam

92. NGUYEN ANH TUAN: Non-traditional security: Problems and solutions for ethnic minority areas


100. HO THANH THUY - NGUYEN DUC HA: Socialist-oriented market economy: The right choice for Vietnam

109. DO LAN HIEN: The necessity of precise comprehension of Marxism - Leninism’s perspective on “fighting against religion” and “complete abolition of religion”


116. DOAN THI QUANG: Cooperation activities for water resources development in Mekong River basin of International Mekong River Commission: Realities and challenges to Vietnam

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