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Saturday, 15 May 2021 23:13
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Political Theory Journal Vol.28 - Mar, 2021


VOL. 28 - MAR, 2021



3. NGUYEN VIET THAO: Leadership vision and strategic thinking at the new quest

9. LE HAI BINH: Ho Chi Minh Thought on humanity to be applied to promoting Vietnam’s national power in the new era

18. LE NGOC HUNG: The relationship between economic growth and culture creation in sustainable development in Vietnam


29. LE VAN LOI: Training and fostering Ho Chi Minh Thought researchers and lecturers

38. HOANG ANH: Upgrading the contingent of hcma’s lecturers on a par with its assigned missions in the new period


44. NGUYEN VINH THANH - VU VAN HAU: Characteristics of training and fostering programs and requirement of teaching method innovation in the Party school nowadays

50. NGUYEN HUU MINH: Women’s participation in politics in Vietnam: Achievements, challenges and some solutions in the new period

60. NGUYEN THI NGA - DO THI VAN HA: Promoting cultural soft power for sustainable development in Vietnam today

67. LE XUAN TUNG: Vietnam’s application of the human rights-based approach to development-policy planning

72. NGUYEN THI HONG MINH: Vietnam’s political culture in response to the Covid-19 pandemic


82. NGUYEN THI THU HUYEN: Critique of wrong and hostile views on socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam

90. LE VAN TRUNG: Human rights assurance mechanism in the new-generation free trade agreements


97. LE VAN DUONG: Vietnam’s views and policies in relationship with the United Nations

106. NGUYEN THI MINH THAO: Traditional special relationship between the French Communist Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam

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