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Wednesday, 16 August 2017 15:41
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Awareness and application of Ho Chi Minh philosophical wisdom

(LLCT) - Philosophical wisdom plays an important part in Ho Chi Minh’s thought and legacy. It combines creative Marxist ideology with the methodology of distinguished modern thinkers. It represents Oriental philosophy imbued with Vietnamese identity.

After an initial round of studies, the Editorial Board of the State-level project “Ho Chi Minh’s Philosophical Wisdom” recommends the following to Party and State leaders and relevant agencies:

First, boost education and awareness popularizing Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom among the Party, the army and the people.

It is in our advantage to universalize Ho Chi Minh’s teachings. His philosophical wisdom - particularly surrounding morality, politic and behavior, - display outstanding character. Understanding Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom will contribute to honoring his legacy and enhancing cadres’ and the Party’s awareness. Ho Chi Minh’s legacy is relevant not only to the Vietnamese Revolution but also to creating sustainable national values. Along with Marxism - Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Thought has become the Party’s ideological foundation and the lodestar of Vietnamese Revolution. It will lead future generations of Vietnamese people in constructing and developing the country, in defending the homeland, and in carrying out Ho Chi Minh’s aspiration for the nation’s independence, freedom and happiness. Ho Chi Minh Thought is Vietnam’s cultural contribution to the rest of the world. It is relevant today as the world moves toward globalization and wider international integration.

Philosophical wisdom plays an important part in Ho Chi Minh’s thought and legacy. It combines creative Marxist ideology with the methodology of distinguished modern thinkers. It represents Oriental philosophy imbued with Vietnamese identity.

This wisdom is modern revolutionary morality and communist morality, promoting Ho Chi Minh’s brilliant moral example. Throughout his entire life he practiced industriousness, thrift, honesty, righteousness, collectivism, and the fight against “enemies of the mind”. He wholeheartedly and humbly served his country and people. Ho Chi Minh emphasized the call to love the country in order to love the people. His theories promote a strong and civilized party that is free of corruption and bureaucracy. The secret to a successful regime is a party that is trusted, supported and protected by the people. Early on in his career, Ho Chi Minh incorporated ethics and culture into his plan for the Party. These elements are still important today. Morality has always ranked at the top of the Vietnamese system of values. Developing culture and improving the lives of citizens form a spiritual foundation for society. “Culture lights the way of the people”, “culture comes not from outside but inside economy and politics”. Therefore, in order for the Party to continue playing a key role in society, we must build it according to Ho Chi Minh’s ethics.

Ho Chi Minh’s lifestyle was great but simple. He spent his whole life close to the people so he could gain understanding and empathy. He was the incarnation of the combination of nature and mankind. His lifestyle displayed responsibility, democracy and an appreciation for action.

Ho Chi Minh developed his philosophical wisdom throughout his life by pairing his words with actions. Although his theories are simple, they are deep and meaningful, full of knowledge that many scholars have called “pearls of philosophical wisdom from Ho Chi Minh - the most beautiful Vietnamese person”. He lived a life rich with wisdom, morality and culture, representing the nation and the time.

Therefore, its is necessary to raise awareness about Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom among cadres and party members (particularly strategic-level leaders). This will create a Party that is clear-sighted, intellectual, diligent and quick-witted in outlining policy and making decisions. It will involve improving skill, flexibility and leadership. It is necessary to be united and to place general interest above everything else. The Party must be transparent and moral, respecting the people and abiding by the law. The Party should focus on the collective instead of the individual. Party members must be tolerant, passionate, humble and honest. Following Ho Chi Minh’s example boosts spiritual and political power and can spread morality from within the Party to the society. To be strong, the Party must be transparent, so that the people can trust and follow it in preventing and repelling the degradation, negativity and evil currently threatening the regime’s survival.

To strengthen the education and dissemination that popularizes Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom among the Party, the army, the people and overseas Vietnamese, we must focus on effectively implementing the Resolution of the 5th Plenum of the Political Bureau (12th tenure). This resolution “strengthens the education and following of Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle”. This is an opportune time to do this. After over 30 years of renovation, the 12th Party Congress opened a new developmental period in order to advance sustainable development and modernization. They are striving to become an industrialized nation successfully integrating internationally. The Resolution of the 12th Party Congress is now coming to life. It is the responsibility of the Party, cadres and the people to follow Ho Chi Minh’s ideas.

We must compile documents suitable for each level and meet the broad requirements of studying Ho Chi Minh’s ideology and lifestyle. We need to clarify these ideas so they are approachable to common people. First priority is given to popular documents including the “Questions and Answers about Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom” form, which can introduce and popularize his wisdom in a systematic, simple, and tangible way, particularly for young people.

Organize scientific seminars for those working on the communication of Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom and how to implement it in the modern day. Also utilize mass mobilization and academic lectures.

Introduce and analyze Ho Chi Minh Thought through radio and television. Pay special attention to Ho Chi Minh’s five works that are considered national treasures.

Pay special attention to Ho Chi Minh’s teachings that emphasize morality, collectivism, democracy, and fighting corruption and wastefulness. Implement his instructions to the people to build the Party, State and mass organizations. Practice democracy as it aligns with Ho Chi Minh’s ideas of mass mobilization, unity and consensus. All citizens, especially leaders, must understand and carry out Ho Chi Minh’s theories.

Second, incorporate Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom into the entire Party, the people, work and daily life.

This is the most important step toward our goals.

Attach great importance to these five practices:

- Develop theories and apply them to current realities

- Practice democracy

- Practice mass mobilization

- Practice unity

- Practice revolutionary morality including industriousness, thrift, honesty, righteousness, public-spiritedness, collectivism and transparency.

 Solidify these practices within all levels of the Party, from grassroots to upper management.

Ensuring these practices is a way of life. Therefore, influence emotions, beliefs and living values, and foster a spirit of responsibility, discipline, honesty, modesty, selflessness, compassion and tolerance. Encourage a lifestyle revolving around affection and gratitude in human relationships. These practices will positively influence the morality of every Party organization and public agency. They condemn evil and enforce strict discipline and responsibility in the Party.

Ho Chi Minh placed mass mobilization as a strategic implement within the sciences and arts. Mass mobilization is crucial, as it strengthens the close ties between the Party and the people. The Party, state, and each organization and individual are responsible for mass mobilization.

Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom transforms moral philosophy into moral culture; the philosophical wisdom of mass mobilization becomes daily political interaction. This links the people to the nation and to democracy.

People are the highest truth. Truth must serve the people and cause them no harm. This philosophy should pervade all lifestyles, including those of leaders, servants and soldiers, allowing them to carry out whatever tasks are entrusted to them.

If all of the Party’s four and a half million members implemented Ho Chi Minh’s idea of mass mobilization, we would boost the Party’s image and stability.

Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom involves studying and following his example as a person devoted to sacrifice for the sake of his people and nation. This will transform Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle into renovation and sustainable national development.

Third, continue to study Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom in two areas, which will contribute to developing it into a core specialty of science.

Prepare a force of experts and guarantee the expansion of high-level training. Simultaneously, strengthen international academic exchanges that carry on Ho Chi Minh’s wisdom, thought and legacy.

Promote the study of Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom in the sustainable development of economics, politics, society, culture and environment. It is also necessary to invest in human resources and experts in studying Ho Chi Minh’s teachings on ethnicity, religion, foreign relations and diplomacy, in which he had extensive experience.

Apply Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom as it applies to the behavior of leadership, management, citizen reception and dialogue.

Ho Chi Minh had an impressive capacity for winning people over - especially intellectuals.

Fourth, we must apply Ho Chi Minh’s ideas to the education, training and mobilization of cadres at universities. This must be conducted across all levels of society. We are approaching the 130th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, as well as the 100th anniversary of the Party and the nation’s independence. To propagate Ho Chi Minh Thought and integrate it into society, we must enlighten a force of educators. This is a multifaceted challenge. It will involve a contingent that is intellectually and theologically strong, but first and foremost, their morality must be pure, exemplary and persuasive. Promote the education of experts and seek talent from among young scientific intellectuals.

Studying and researching abroad is a necessity. Exchange Vietnam’s experience with other countries. Foster methodology based on practicality, and coordinate among domestic forces to increase the number of efficient and high-quality education programs. Build and develop a contingent of leading experts capable of learning and researching Ho Chi Minh’s wisdom and legacy. This contingent should consist not only of domestic Vietnamese people but also of overseas Vietnamese students, intellectuals and businessmen.

It is possible to create a connection between internal specialized agencies - the Central Committee for Communication and Education, the Party Committee of the bloc of central agencies, the overseas Party Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Central Committee for Foreign Relations - with Embassies and party organizations abroad to disseminate Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle.

Fifth, a contingent of scientific cadres has formed after decades of studying Ho Chi Minh at graduate and postgraduate levels. This contingent is a small group of talented and experienced intellectuals and experts, but most of them are older age and retired; the majority of the rest are young apprentices (around 30 years old). It is time to gather forces and to develop this contingent by training and fostering programs. This requires the attention of Party and State leaders, and of management agencies and large national research centers (social science academies, national universities, and the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics) to foster and promote the contingent’s creative capacity.

The Editorial Board of the independent State-level project studying Ho Chi Minh’s philosophical wisdom should make a sincere proposal to the Party, the State, the Secretariat, the Prime Minister and relevant agencies such as the Central Committee for Communication and Education, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. This proposal should request permission to establish the Association of Ho Chi Minh Studies in Vietnam, which comes under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. Such an association will create a social-professional environment for researching Ho Chi Minh Thought. This will increase research and teaching capacities and improve the quality of education for cadres and experts. It will also promote international integration and cultural exchanges that offer advantages to Vietnam.

The idea to establish a Ho Chi Minh studies program was formed long ago, since Vietnam had a state-level science and technology program studying Ho Chi Minh (1991 - 1995 until now). The conditions of scientific human resources meet the requirements for establishing the association. This is an aspiration of many intellectuals in Vietnam. We hope to receive support from senior leaders and competent State authorities.

Forming a Ho Chi Minh studies associate in Vietnam will create an opportunity for scientific cooperation between the country and other nations, promoting Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh’s ideas, and boosting Vietnam’s integration and development.

Prof., Dr. Hoang Chi Bao

Central Theoretical Council

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