15th National Assembly with the responsibility of building and perfecting the national development institution

(PTOJ) - The Party and State of Vietnam have defined one of the three strategic breakthroughs as renovating, building, and perfecting institutions. The National Assembly of Vietnam promotes institutional reform as the people's representative agency and the highest state authority, contributing to the building and completion of the institution of sustainable development in a timely manner, meeting the requirements of innovation and international integration.

Continuing to build the socialist law-ruled State according to the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress

(PTOJ) - Continuing to build and perfect the Vietnamese Socialist law-rules State of the people, by the people and for the people led by the Party is the central task of the political system reform. That goal is associated with “Building and perfecting the Socialist law-ruled State that is transparent, strong, streamlined, effective and efficient, for the people and for the development of the country” in the spirit of the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress. The Article focuses on evaluating the results, limitations and causes; thereby highlighting the orientations in building and perfecting the Vietnamese Socialist law-ruled State in the new context.

Legal education and discipline training for students in military schools according to Ho Chi Minh Thought

(PTOJ) - Understanding and applying Ho Chi Minh’s ideology on law and discipline is of great significance in legal education and discipline training for students in military schools. This is important in improving students’ law and military discipline knowledge, contributing to building a revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modernized Vietnamese People’s Army.

Implementation of law on the right to study of ethnic minorities in Vietnam

(PTOJ) - In the cause of national construction, the Party and State have always determined "Education and training is the priority of the national policy" and paid special attention to realizing the right to study of the people in general, ethnic minorities in particular through a system of specific laws and policies. The article clarifies the current situation and proposes some solutions to ensure the law on the right to study ethnic minorities in Vietnam today.

General Vo Nguyen Giap: The humane and peace-loving General

(PTOJ) - General Vo Nguyen Giap - The outstanding military genius of the Vietnamese nation in the Ho Chi Minh era, the “Big Brother of the Vietnam People's Army”(1), “The People's General”(2), has made many great merits and especially outstanding contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese Party and nation. Not only was an excellent and experienced general, but he also always upheld humanistic and peaceful thoughts and a representative of the peaceful aspiration of the Vietnamese people.

The influence of Buddhism  on spiritual-cultural life in Quang Ninh

(PTOJ) - In Quang Ninh, Buddhism has a great influence on the cultural and spiritual life of the people, from ethics, customs, culture, arts to social security, contributing to enriching the spiritual culture of the nation. To promote the values of Buddhism for social life in Quang Ninh, it is necessary to raise awareness, strengthen state management and improve the material life and qualifications of all aspects for Buddhists.

Traditional special relationship between the French Communist Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam

(PTOJ) - The French Communist Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam have a special close relationship, President Ho Chi Minh - leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam is one of the founders of the French Communist Party. That the friendship between the two parties has been deeply strengthened is a testament to the international spirit of the communists struggle for the common cause. December of 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the French Communist Party, a good time to look back on the relationship between the two parties, to celebrate the friendship and solidarity between the French and Vietnamese revolutionaries.

A nation's power includes not only its hard power (geographical - population, economic, military factors) but also its soft power (political institution, ideology and national strategies (state leaders), and the will of the people in implementing strategies, social values, international relations). Therefore, the study of a country’s soft power should be taken under overall consideration of its comprehensive power.

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