V.I.Lenin's thought on the class-nationality relationship and the application by the Vietnamese Communist Party

(LLCT) - The sustainable value in V.I.Lenin’s thought when dealing with the class-nationality relationship emphasizes the national problem in any era is always perceived and resolved on the stance and point of view of a certain class. This is the theoretical basis and methodology for determining the strategies of the Party and our people on the issue of class and ethnicity on the basis of both ensuring unity and meeting the difference between the interests of the class, nation and humanity on the basis of the nation's traditional patriotism and compassion.

Provisions on Communist Party of Vietnam in Article 4 of 2013 Constitution

(LLCT) - Constitutionally, the role of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) started to be mentioned in the 1980 Constitution of Vietnam. Article 4 of the 2013 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam continued to affirm the leadership of the CPV and its relationship with the people and the country. This article analyzes new features of Article 4 of the 2013 Constitution and clarifies its theoretical and practical basis. Accordingly, it outlines the requirements and solutions to implement these regulations in Vietnam nowadays.

Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics: International cooperation in human resources training in new period

(LLCT) - Over the past years, international cooperation in general and staff training of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics has significantly contributed to promote the renewal of content, course, skills and methods of training management; increase the capacity of scientific research, policy advice; enhance the ability to integrate and work in the international environment of the Academy’s teachers and research staffs, thus raising the status of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics in the international arena. In the coming time, the Academy will continue to exploit well existing cooperative relationships, strengthen the search for new partners, with diversified, practical, effective, and responsive forms of cooperation to achieve the Academy’s mission in the new era.

Associating tourism economic development with environmental security in Vietnam

(LLCT) - In Vietnam today, tourism has become an important economic sector, with many great contributions to social and economic development. However, tourism activities have also caused many consequences to the environment. Therefore, combining tourism economic development with ensuring environmental security is an urgent and vital requirement of Vietnam’s sustainable tourism development in particular and its sustainable development in general. This article focuses on clarifying some major forms of implementing the link between tourism economic development and environmental security in Vietnam today.

Ho Chi Minh’s will in building the Democratic Republic in Vietnam via General Election 1946

(LLCT) - After the August Revolution victory in 1945, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam came into existence, opening the democracy-building period in Vietnam. During the early time of independence, the country's economy was exhausted and the literacy level was extremely low, however the people's mastership, especially in the political area, was guaranteed. The first General Election was successfully held on January 6, 1946 with the participation of a large number of people. In this regard, a People's Government was formed. The article focuses on clarifying Ho Chi Minh’s will in building the republic democracy and its values today.

Is Marxism - Leninism outdated and unsuitable for Vietnam?

(LLCT) - Since its origin, Marxism - Leninism has been distorted in a dogmatic or opportunistic manner. Particularly, the schemes to distort Marxism - Leninism have become greater in scale, more diverse in form, more dangerous in nature, and more wicked in level after real socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe collapsed. The article helps clarify the scientific and revolutionary nature and vitality of Marxism - Leninism and fight against wrongful and hostile views.

Conflicts and agreements between the U.S. and China: from theory to practice and forecasts

(LLCT) - With China’s growth and the relative weakening of the United States, there is growing speculation that China and the United States will soon fall into the “Thucydides’s trap”, meaning that there will be a major war in the process of a power transition. Meanwhile, there are also opinions that the current U.S. and China relation have many complex variables; it is not easy to get into conflict. For Vietnam, developments in the U.S. - China relationship has always been an important factor in assessing the external environment. This article provides reviews and predictions about the potential for conflict and agreement between the United States and China, both theoretically and practically.

National scientific conference “Nghe-Tinh Soviet movement: The power of the masses makes history”

(LLCT) - Towards the 90th anniversary of Nghe-Tinh Soviet movement (1930-2020), Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics coordinated with the Central Propaganda and Training Commission of the Party, Ha Tinh Provincial Party Committee, and Nghe An Provincial Party Committee to organize the national scientific conference titled “Nghe-Tinh Soviet movement: The power of the masses makes history” on September 6, 2020 in the central city of Ha Tinh.

A nation's power includes not only its hard power (geographical - population, economic, military factors) but also its soft power (political institution, ideology and national strategies (state leaders), and the will of the people in implementing strategies, social values, international relations). Therefore, the study of a country’s soft power should be taken under overall consideration of its comprehensive power.

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