Political theory sciences, social sciences and humanities contribute to protecting and developing the Party’s ideological foundation

(PTOJ) - In implementing Resolution No. 20-NQ/TW of the 6th Plenum of the 11th Central Committee, the political theory sciences, social sciences and humanities in our country have gained many important achievements in material summary and theoretical research, contributing to the deepening and enrichment of the scientific, revolutionary and humanistic values of Marxism - Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s ideology; providing the scientific ground for development of the Party’s paths and guidelines, and the State’s policies and laws in various fields; contributing to protecting the ideological foundation of the Party. The article analyzes and clarifies the position, its role in the current situation, and proposes recommendations and solutions to promote scientific research in the sciences of political theory, social sciences and humanities, contributing to the protection and the development of the ideological foundation of the Party and fighting against wrong and hostile views.

Renovation of organizational and operational model of local governments in the spirit of the 13th National Party Congress

(PTOJ) - The organizational and operational model of local governments in our country is constantly being renovated. The decentralization among central and local governments has improved, localities have more autonomy and policy space to realize their development goals. The effectiveness and efficiency of local governments’ operations have improved and been enhanced. However, besides the achieved results, the organization and operation of local governments still shows many limitations. This article analyzes and evaluates the current situation and proposes some solutions to continue renovating the organizational and operational model of local governments in the spirit of the Resolution of the 13th National Congress.

Uphold the glorious tradition, continue to renovate, and strengthen the leadership of the Party Committee in the activities of the Academy of Journalism and Communication

(PTOJ) - After 60 years of construction and development, the Academy of Journalism and Communication has always successfully completed all tasks assigned by the Party and the State, deserving to be a Party school, a key national university in training political theory lecturers, press officers - in media and a number of other fields. The article summarizes the leadership process of the Party Committee’s sound performance of the political tasks of the university.

Applying foreign experience for the people's public security diplomacy for period of 1945 - 1975, meeting the requirements of the new era

(PTOJ) - The People's Public Security Force is led, educated, and trained by the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, becoming a "sacred sword" to protect the Party, the State, and the people. This article outlines the role of foreign affairs in the process of construction and development in the period of 1945-1975; overcoming difficulties, achieving important results, leving valuable lessons and experiences. Thereby, some solutions are to be proposed on applying these experiences to current practice.

Mass mobilization work in the South - a contributing factor to generate synergy in the resistance war against the US for national salvation (1954-1975)

(PTOJ) - The resistance war against the US for national salvation is known as the great epic of the Vietnamese people’s war in the 20th century. It was the triumph of the all-people, comprehensive, long-term resistance war, which was the combination of the highly promoted synergy with the strength of the times. The success of mass mobilization work, indeed, made a great contribution to promoting the synergy. This paper clarifies some basic viewpoints on mass mobilization work on the southern battlefield (1954-1975) and valuable lessons for mass mobilization work, boosting the strength of the entire people in the process of national construction and defense nowadays.

Ho Chi Minh - Symbol of peace: the undeniable fact!

(PTOJ) - This article clarifies the conspiracies, methods and tricks of the hostile forces in denying and distorting the great contributions of president Ho Chi Minh to the peace of Vietnam as well as the world, and at the same time analyze the theoretical and practical grounds to refute the above-mentioned false claims.

Criteria for assessing the quality  of district cadre contingents under SCPPC in Central Laos

(PTOJ) - Determining the right system of assessment criteria is the first condition for properly assessing the quality of cadre contingents. For district cadre contingents under the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committees (SCPPC) in the central region of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, it is necessary to pay full attention to the following criteria: number and structure; political qualities; moral qualities, lifestyle, sense of organization and discipline; qualification, competence and work style; willingness to undertake and fulfill assigned responsibilities and tasks.

A nation's power includes not only its hard power (geographical - population, economic, military factors) but also its soft power (political institution, ideology and national strategies (state leaders), and the will of the people in implementing strategies, social values, international relations). Therefore, the study of a country’s soft power should be taken under overall consideration of its comprehensive power.

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