Theoretical thinking in the national development vision and orientation in the new period

(PTOJ) - Editorial Board: To realize the Agreement between the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Lao People's Revolutionary Party; the program of cooperation in theoretical research and practical summary between the two parties, on December 16, 2021, the 8th Theoretical Workshop between the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Lao People's Revolutionary Party took place online with the theme “New theoretical and practical issues in the Documents of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Documents of the 11th National Congress of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party”. Political Theory Journal would like to introduce the speech by Prof., Dr. NGUYEN XUAN THANG, Member of the Politburo, Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council, President of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, Head of the Delegation of the Communist Party of Vietnam at the Workshop.

Nguyen Ai Quoc - Ho Chi Minh’s journey to become a communist (1911 - 1920)

(PTOJ) - With outstanding intellect and extraordinary energy, after 10 years (from 1911 to 1920) of living, working, and being active in many countries, Nguyen Ai Quoc had transformed from a patriot to become the first communist in Vietnam. Upon acquiring Marxism - Leninism - the great truth of the times, he put the national liberation revolution in Vietnam into the orbit of the proletarian revolution and brought the Vietnamese revolution to great victories. The article clarifies Nguyen Ai Quoc’s journey to become a communist; analyzes the cause of success and the meaning of that event to the history of the Vietnamese nation in particular and the history of mankind in general.


Improvement of the quality of training for leaders and managers of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

(PTOJ) - Training leaders and managers is the essential function and task of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics. Over the years, this work has undergone many innovations, constantly improving its quality, making an essential contribution to building the contingent of qualified and capable cadres of the political system to meet the requirements of tasks in the new era. However, this work still needs to continue to innovate in the future.

(PTOJ) - In recent years, the evaluation of cadres at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics has undergone various changes, including the association with emulation and commendation. The article outlines the main advantages of cadres’ evaluation and proposes solutions to improve the effectiveness of linking cadres’ evaluation with the judgement of emulation and commendation at the Academy.

General Vo Nguyen Giap: The humane and peace-loving General

(PTOJ) - General Vo Nguyen Giap - The outstanding military genius of the Vietnamese nation in the Ho Chi Minh era, the “Big Brother of the Vietnam People's Army”(1), “The People's General”(2), has made many great merits and especially outstanding contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese Party and nation. Not only was an excellent and experienced general, but he also always upheld humanistic and peaceful thoughts and a representative of the peaceful aspiration of the Vietnamese people.

Promoting the role of entities of state management of religion in current situation

(PTOJ) - The entities of state management of religion play a significant role in strengthening the implementation of the Party and State’s policies on belief and religion; contributing to the great national unity bloc; ensuring national security, maintaining social order and safety... To enhance this role, the article proposes solutions about raising awareness of cadres, civil servants, and party members; building a contingent of cadres; perfecting the legal system on religion; improving the effectiveness of communication and education; innovating methods of inspection, supervision, and settlement when there are violations in the field of state management of religion.

Traditional special relationship between the French Communist Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam

(PTOJ) - The French Communist Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam have a special close relationship, President Ho Chi Minh - leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam is one of the founders of the French Communist Party. That the friendship between the two parties has been deeply strengthened is a testament to the international spirit of the communists struggle for the common cause. December of 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the French Communist Party, a good time to look back on the relationship between the two parties, to celebrate the friendship and solidarity between the French and Vietnamese revolutionaries.

A nation's power includes not only its hard power (geographical - population, economic, military factors) but also its soft power (political institution, ideology and national strategies (state leaders), and the will of the people in implementing strategies, social values, international relations). Therefore, the study of a country’s soft power should be taken under overall consideration of its comprehensive power.

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