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Thursday, 24 October 2019 10:38
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Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 10-2019


3.       NGUYEN PHU TRONG: The Party School’s primary mission is training and fostering leaders and managers for the Party and the entire political system

8.       PHAM MINH CHINH: To be breakthrough, innovative and creative to worthy of the glorious 70-year tradition of the Academy

Theory Research

13.     HO TRONG HOAI - NGUYEN ANH TUAN: Socialism and the path to socialism through President Ho Chi Minh’s Testament

20.     DANG XUAN HOAN: Continuing the renovation of the Government’s organization and operation in a streamlined, effective and efficient manner

26.     NGUYEN THI THOM: Assessing the quality of Vietnam’s economic growth after eight years of renewing the growth model

32.     HOANG THI LAN: Influence of religious change on Vietnamese traditions and customs

37.     NGUYEN MINH PHONG - NGUYEN TRAN MINH TRI: Motivation for the development of private enterprises in Vietnam

42.     TRAN THI HANG - NGUYEN THI HOAI THU: Applying the Marxist - Leninist theory of ownership in the digital economy

48.     PHAM ANH HUNG: Private ownership from K. Marx’s philosophical perspective on people and issues of private economic development currently

54.     HA THI THUY DUONG - DINH DUC DUY: V.I.Lenin’s views on ethnic equality and its development and application in Vietnam

Figures and Events

60.     NGUYEN XUAN TRUNG: Bui Bang Doan - A typical example of a true patriot


65.     NGUYEN TAT GIAP - DO VAN QUAN: The mass mobilisation in Vinh Phuc province - Achievements and challenges

72.     LE THI THUC - LE THUY HANG: Access to justice of women who experience domestic violence in Vietnam today - Barriers and solutions

80.     DANG THI ANH TUYET - HOANG THI QUYEN: Awareness of leaders and managers in implementing population work in the new period

86.     NGUYEN THI LAN: Social media and solutions for its management and development


93.     NGUYEN HUNG HAU: K. Marx with the Orient

99.     LE THI CHIEN: The theory of socio-economic forms and wrong views that need to be rejected

International Issues

107.   PHAN VAN RAN - NGO CHI NGUYEN: Effects of the digital economy on nations today

115.   THAI VAN LONG - NGUYEN THI HUE: What does Vietnam need to do when joining ASEAN security mechanisms

121.   NGUYEN KIM TON: Democratic socialists of America - A left-wing organization is emerging in American politics today


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