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Friday, 08 January 2016 10:15
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Political Theory Journal Vol1, March, 2015


3. NGUYEN PHU TRONG: Democratically seeking breakthrough in development of the Academy

9. TA NGOC TAN: Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics to uphold its 65-year tradition and innovate to meet Party’s requirements in new period 


16. NGUYEN HUY HIEU: Promoting international cooperation for the protection of national sovereignty and security on seas and islands

21. NGUYEN DINH TAN: The Party’s congnitive improvement of social equity, hunger eradication and poverty reduction

27. NGUYEN TRONG PHUC: Theoretical development on the transition to socialism in Vietnam

35. HUYNH THI GAM: Application of Ho Chi Minh Thought on State to establish modern socialist law-ruled State of Vietnam


39. PHAN XUAN SON - VU HONG TRANG: Causes of land conflicts in Vietnam


45. VU HOANG CONG: The Geneva Conference: Lessons in terms of national interests

52. HOANG CHI TRUNG: Vietnam’s new position in the international community after its implementation of the national report on human rights


57. NGUYEN VAN GIANG: The implications of “group interests” on the leadership of the ruling party

63. TRAN HAU: Viewpoints on public debate mechanisms


67. NGUYEN HOANG GIAP: Vietnam - Russia relations: situation and prospects

74. NGUYEN AN NINH: The internationalism of the modern-day working class


80. NGUYEN QUOC PHAM: The Marxist - Leninist theory of socio-economic forms and points that need to be supplemented or improved

85. LE MINH PHUONG - NGUYEN THI NGOC DIEP: Symposium “Research by the HCMA for the benefit of national renovation”

91. NGUYEN THI LAN: Indian President visits Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and opens Indian Studies Center

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