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Political Theory Journal Vol.23 - Dec, 2019


3. TRAN KHAC VIET: Discussion of the leadership and ruling contents of the Communist Party of Vietnam

9. HO TRONG HOAI: Ho Chi Minh with the Communist International and creative application of Marxism - Leninism to the practice of Vietnamese revolution

16. DANG QUANG DINH: Theoretical values of Marxism integral to the cause of building socialism in the 21st century

24. AN NHU HAI: Theory of economic development in Vietnam: Achievements and limitations

33. TRAN THI HANG - NGUYEN THI MINH HIEN: State management in digital economy

43. TRAN THI HUONG: Development of a green economy in Vietnam in the context of global climate change

51. PHAM MINH ANH: Identifying the objects of social development management in the market economy and international integration


60. LE NGOC HUNG: Renovating university governance in Vietnam: System theory and eation of a modern and professional model

68. TRINH XUAN THANG: Anti-corruption education: International experiences and suggestions for Vietnam


75. LAM QUOC TUAN - LUU THUY HONG: Promoting democracy, publicity, and transparency - a solution to prevent and combat corruption in personnel work

82. HOANG NGOC HAI - HO THANH THUY: Regional linkage in tourism development in the Northwest provinces of Vietnam

90. LE VAN CUONG: Some issues in performing the functions of trade union when Vietnam participates in CPTPP


97. PHAN XUAN SON - NGUYEN THI THANH DZUNG: Vietnamese communitarianism through cultural and development perspective

107. NGO DINH XAY: Motivations for national renovation during transitional period to socialism in Vietnam

115. NGUYEN THANH XUAN: The development of Protestantism in Vietnam

123. Table of contents in 2019

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