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Saturday, 02 April 2022 09:28
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Building socialism in Vietnam from the perspective of international relations


University of Social Sciences and Humanities,

Vietnam National University, Hanoi


Queensland University, Australia

Political Theory Journal (Vietnamese Version) Issue No 529 (3-2022)



Abstract: The article analyzes the basis for directing and orienting Vietnam’s foreign policy through the Party’s congresses from the beginning of the Doi Moi (renewal) process to the present; clarifies foreign policy achievements through five aspects of expanding bilateral diplomacy, integration and enhancement of multilateral diplomacy, attracting foreign investment; protecting territorial sovereignty and contributing to the maintenance of peace, stability and security in the region and the world. On that basic, the article is going to draw some lessons from experience and propose a number of foreign affairs tasks in the coming time in the spirit of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s article.

Keywords: international relations, foreign relations, foreign policy of the Party.

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